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AL Pictures Slideshow Studio. This program enables you to quickly create slideshows incorporating both picture and audio files. The slideshow can be created as an executable (.exe) file, or as a screensaver (.scr) file. With this program you can create a professional slide show within minutes. Besides creating exceptional photo albums, this program can also be used to make business presentations, educational tutorials, product or service endorsements, anything you can imagine.
English: http://www.al-soft.com/alpss/pictures-slideshow-studio.shtml
German: http://www.al-soft.com/alpss/pictures-slideshow-studio-de.shtml
Italian: http://www.al-soft.com/alpss/pictures-slideshow-studio-it.shtml
Spanish: http://www.al-soft.com/alpss/pictures-slideshow-studio-es.shtml

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