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Show.Kit - Flash presentation template software

Home Keylogger    Show.Kit  lets you easily create totally customizable Flash web-sites and corporate presentations based on Flash technology. The interface provides an easy to use project tree that allows you to edit and customize the individual components. The result, compiled with a single click, is a fully-workable, ready-for-upload Flash web-site or a Flash presentation, or both!
OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP.

[Click here for free download now!]

Show.Kit main features

  • creates Flash web-site, or corporate Flash-presentation in 10-15 minutes, you customize a single project and then choose what you wish to compile

  • projects save and load functions

  • user-friendly GUI

  • context on-the-fly help system integrated

  • Corporate, HyperText and Shockwave project files support

  • full MP3 sounds support

  • full in-slide and intro sounds control

  • has an Autoplay/Autoadvance function implemented

  • totally customizable color schemes of your projects

  • intro builder, including options to use your own logo and company name in intro between slides of your project

  • Sementsoff visual effect embodied

  • a tiny image editor, which lets you apply various graphic effects to pictures, you are going to use in your project

  • rich text editor provides plenty of tools to customize the way you will present information

  • slogans database capability

  • import/export images support

  • fullscreen/centerview/windowed modes for your projects

  • much more...

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