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Windows Hider Pro: Testimonials

Windows Hide Pro is a very good program! To hide (and unhide) certain windows is too usefull. The Boss (and others...) don't see nothing!
It's very quick and very easy to use! On others words: Perfect! Thanks.
Giorgio Brausi, Italy, gibra(at)amc2000.it

I recently purchased Windows Hider Pro, great program! I am very impressed with Windows Hider Pro, I have been (and will be) recomending Windows Hider Pro at every opertunity. It is very handy at my place of work. For example, I use my own computer and although we have internet access, we are not alound to use it often. Should the boss walk in I can hit the Hide key and the boss does not know! I have a a good look at the other programs for sale on your website. Thanks again for agreat program!
Russell Gourley, Scotland UK, russellg(at)onetel.net.uk

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