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Advanced TCP Logger: Testimonials

I would like to thank you for TCP_LOGGER v2.0 by KMiNT21, it really helps! Sometimes I need to solve some "Embedded-Ethernet" and "microWEB" related problems, i.e. generally IP access to devices based on microcontrollers. Not only I have to struggle a lot because of poor resources of microcontrollers but I also have to study protocol problems from scratch. Simple operation involving a close study of traffic structure using a program like TCP Logger usually helps.
Vladimir Zalivako, zalivakov(at)mail.ru

A very useful program! I frequently use it for many purposes, e.g. when I need to see what the web server is sending to my browser, or to see the referers being sent. It also helps when I am writing Perl programs that support proxying.
Eugene Oleinik, eoleinik(at)hotmail.com

Advanced TCP logger, the program for the analysis of network traffic is the best of all I ever used. Work with this program is very convenient. Speed and reliability of Advanced TCP logger operation are perfect. I am very pleased with purchase of this program and I really can say, that I have made the right choice.
Alex D. Sergeev, ISA District 12 Students Section President 2001/2002

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