Windows Hider Pro



  • Look at the size of this program. There is nothing of its kind! Reason is lying in the origin of this program - it was written in Pure Win32 API. Writing this program in Pure Win32 API took much much longer than if it was written as normal programs are, but in the end it was worth it! This program does not take virtually any processing power, it also takes virtually no memory (these amounts are so small that they are not usually counted). This is why this program works so fast.
  • You don't need to go through tens of wizards and configuration menus, everything is easy, quick and comfortable to use. The example of configuration provided gives you enough information to understand how the program works and how to configure it.
  • Most of the time program works in hidden mode not making itself visible to anyone.
  • The hiding process is very fast, it takes less than a second because you only have to press a Hotkey instead of targeting and clicking several buttons.
  • You have the ability to include whole groups of windows by including only the parts of titles that are present in all windows.